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Withdrawal Policy

Dear Parents,

The parent’s decision to withdraw their ward from school is to be intimated in advance to school office at least in the month of January or before in the current session (before the start of next session) for personal reasons.

You are required to follow the procedure that the parents need to pay special attention in order to ensure that their ward will be able to resume studies smoothly and successfully elsewhere.

In case parents want to withdraw the pupil without any prior intimation than the tuition and Bus fee(if applicable) for the current session till date(rounded in months) will be charged along with any other Funds if necessary.

Parent/Guardians intending to withdraw their child / ward from the school should apply for a Transfer Certificate (T.C.) attached below.

The application for Transfer Certificate should be filed in by the Parent or the authorized guardian of the pupil, along with a fee of Rs. 100/- and submitted at the school reception.

Transfer Certificate will be issued to those students whose fees and dues have been settled.

Download Transfer Certificate Form